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We will let you know when the first public version of is available.

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Alpha partner

We already have a basic but robust repository system. We are looking for a small number of alpha partners to user test the product, feedback, and help us get ready for a public beta release.

An ideal Alpha partner should:

Be large enough to have several teams doing research

A service/product team at least 40 strong (the bigger the better)

Be prepared to talk to us about the research you are doing under NDA

Give regular feedback on

In return you will get:

Early access to the product

The opportunity to guide our roadmap

Unlimited training and support

Priority feature requests, support and reduced licence fees forever

A heavily discounted licence fee for at least 12 months

“It has been particularly helpful in focusing our team. The framework has helped elevate the status of research in our company... it has been a game changer across the board and ultimately helped us all make far better product decisions.”

James, UX/UI Designer, Incrowd Sports

“We’ve been using Atomic Research since 2017... it has really helped us as a decentralised team. We’re all really excited to use”

Chiara, UX Lead & Design Professor, Mail Up Group

“Atomic UX Research forces evidence-based thinking... Another advantage is that it is scalable... Having a clear process allows stakeholders to understand and contribute to the creation of sound knowledge.”

Pedro Almeida, Deloitte/Wingman on behalf of the European Commission

“ is the only product that delivers our research needs.”

Mehdi Aoussat, UX Researcher, RAJA

“We have used Atomic Research with many tests, but with the repository we can achieve even more interesting results.”

Sydney Neto, UA Portal Evaluation Team, University of Aveiro

“ is the first user research tool that has been designed with the needs of large companies in mind”

Adam Radziszewski, Design Strategist, Inovalon

“ is getting a heck of a lot people in our company excited about research collaboration. It is so satisfying that they immediately understand that this will fundamentally change our business”

Martin Bulmer, Lead UX Researcher, Trade Me

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